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This blog will be used for technical notes, howto’s, and little tidbits of information I accumulate or discover in my work.

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I spoke at DefCon 13.

I also spoke at DefCon 15 and CCCamp 07.  There is painful video where I say uhm way too often here.  The one at CCCamp was either much smoother, or I was more drunk.  When that video comes out, the truth will out.

The code I was talking about is on SourceForge.


I like my job.

I get to examine all kinds of complicated systems and find flaws.  Then I write up a list of these flaws and give it to the people who designed and built the system.  Then, and this is the kicker, they THANK ME FOR IT.  And here I’ve been going through life criticizing everything for free, and with precious little appreciation I might add!

I’ve also spent a lot of time doing software development.  In other incarnations, I’ve worked…

for a security consulting company,  IOActive

for the mathworks

for a security testing startup, Imperfect Networks, which was later purchased by Spirent

and shorter stints at IBM on Lotus Domino, at an avionics company called Astronautics, and a bunch of other places I won’t bore you with


I liked school.  I’ve got a BS and an MS from WPI.  I also learned how to stay awake for three days and still be able to function well enough to write code.  The secret is avoiding caffeine as much as possible, full spectrum lights, protein powder and OJ.  This turns out to be a skill that actually comes in handy in some industries, although I’m not pointing any fingers…

My master’s thesis was funded by DARPA.  That was a really good time.  I caught up on sleep after the undergrad death march part.


I have a dog.  His name is Lex.  I don’t know what breed he is.  All I know is that his dad could jump a 5-foot solid wood fence, get it on with Lex’s mom, and jump the fence again before anyone got a look at him.

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